Consultant Aide

Over 19,000 consultants use Consultant Aide to take photos of their inventory faster than ever! Stop wasting time editing photos of your inventory! Now you can quickly add the product name, size and personal watermark to your photos so you can get inventory to market faster than ever... Check it out!

Main features

Consultant Aide helps reduce the amount of time it takes consultants to photograph and tag items in their inventory.

Snap Photo

Quickly take high resolution photos of your inventory. We support both square and portrait aspect ratios.

Add Style and Size

Select a style and size from a predefined list and quickly apply it to your photo.

Save to device

If you are a satisfied with the photo you have taken, you can save it to your device for later use.

Prepopulated Styles and Sizes

One of the biggest benefits of using the Consultant Aide app is how much time is saved labeling photos. It provides you with a list of prepopulated styles and sizes so you can get started quickly.

Add an additional label

Consultant Aide gives you the ability to save and reuse custom labels.

Collage Feature

If a single photo doesn't give that dress justice, take a close up photo of the pattern and add it to the image so your customers can see what you see!

Download it now

Available on Apple iOS. Don't worry, Android is coming soon!

What other consultants are saying

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I purchased this app shortly after it was released and though it needed some tweaking , it was AMAZING!!! Saved me so much time and as a mom with 4 kids time is not on my side. It used to take me hours to take pics of say 40 pieces. With this app I fly through them in an hour and it had even made my pics show better;) This app is constantly being updated and the creator is listening to your wants and needs! Totally worth the money LuLa Family­čĺť

This app saves me a ton of time when photographing my inventory. You can move the text and add a watermark. You could also use the watermark in other ways such as noting quantity or color but you have to make sure you change it or it will appear on the next photo. I can not say enough good things about this app.

Thank you so much for creating this app!!! You don't know how much time you have saved me!! My pics look amazing and professional!!! The only thing that would make it even more amazing was if you could add MAP pricing to the picture :-)

Meet the developer

Founded and developed by a loving spouse.

Matt Orahood


As the husband of a consultant, I wanted to help my wife with taking photos; soon after Consultant Aide was born.